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Yeshiva Derech HaTorah High School is Brooklyn's premier Orthodox Yeshiva High School.

Our Mission

Yeshiva Derech HaTorah High School instills students with appreciation for Torah and the tools to become valuable contributors to society. Within our warm, student-centered environment, students enjoy a rigorous dual curriculum of Judaic and General Studies. Our curriculum is sensibly monitored to foster independent thought and ensure our students' success at the finest Yeshivas and universities, as they become dedicated Orthodox Jews and successful leaders.


Our rigorous dual curriculum of Judaic and General studies gives our boys the tools to thrive at the finest Yeshivot and universities. Every class is designed to foster critical skills and independent thinking for school and beyond.

Applied Torah

Through analysis and discussion, we help our boys take what they learn in the classroom and utilize it in the world. Our Rabbeim and teachers are role models of applied character and sterling Torah wisdom. They connect with each student individually to make learning relevant to their personal experiences.

Lasting Relationships

YDH students know that their Rabbeim are always there for them. From open class discussions to schoolwide Shabbatons, our close-knit school environment fosters camaraderie and Achdut.

Skills for Life

YDH's dual curriculum of Judaic and General studies, combined with its many extracurricular offerings, allows students to develop a broad range of knowledge and skills. From these programs, our boys feel prepared to achieve their goals - academically, professionally, and personally.

Where Our Graduates Go...

Throughout their four years at Yeshiva Derech HaTorah High School, our students gain the skills and values crucial for success in life beyond high school. Even after graduation, our students know they can always call YDH home.

Colleges Our Graduates Attend
Yeshiva University
New York University
City University of New York
Brooklyn College (including Honors)
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Lander College for Men - Touro College
Yeshivot Our Graduates Attend
Tiferes Yerushalayim (TJ)
Ohr Yerushalayim (OJ)
Ateres Yerushalayim (AJ)
Lev Aharon
Toras Shraga
Yishrei Lev
Reishit Yerushalayim


Rabbi Daniel Behfar, General Studies Principal

Rabbi Daniel Behfar

General Studies Principal

Rabbi Dov Milstein, High School Menahel

Rabbi Dov Milstein

High School Menahel

Rabbi Moshe Zakheim, 10th Grade Rebbi

Rabbi Moshe Zakheim

10th Grade Rebbi

Rabbi Menachem Meyer, 11th Grade Rebbi

Rabbi Menachem Meyer

11th Grade Rebbi

Rabbi Akiva Adelman, 12th Grade Rebbi

Rabbi Akiva Adelman

12th Grade Rebbi

About Our Menahel

Rabbi Dov Milstein has successfully raised the bar of education in our High School as the freshman Rebbi, and now he has assumed the position of Principal to guide and engage the high school students on a whole new level. Rabbi Milstein has been a student of Mirrer Yeshivah all his life - and still learns there each day where he enjoyed an especially close relationship with the venerated Rav Shmuel Berenbaum z"l. Rabbi Milstein shows his students that great levels of educational achievement are accessible and attainable by all, within the pleasant framework of real relationships and positive energy. Rabbi Milstein leads a remarkable congregation in his community shul called Kollel Hashechunah where he lectures for adults and supercharges the children with his vibrant signature in his endearing involvement in all shul programs.



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Judaic Studies

Our Judaic studies curriculum is geared towards instilling in our Talmidim a love for learning, inspiring a desire to grow in Torah and Yirat Shamayim, fostering strong Rebbi–Talmid relationships, and teaching an approach to life within a Torah framework. Emphasis is placed on teaching the skills that enable our Talmidim to independently comprehend and analyze the texts of Chumash and Gemara.



Rashi’s commentary sheds light on key Torah narratives and personalities.


Studying the language and flow of a Sugya builds textual proficiency and appreciation.


A breakdown of our daily and occasional prayers makes Tefilah more meaningful.


In-depth learning and open discussion inspires character growth and religious development.


A topical approach explores Jewish history through the lenses of the Neviim and Melachim.


Classical sources cover Hilchot Shabbat and Kashrut, and Halachot that govern everyday life.


General Studies  

Our college preparatory program is designed to provide our students with a comprehensive academic program, emphasizing the development of critical thinking skills, research skills and written and oral expression. General studies courses and requirements conform to the standards of the Board of Regents and the Core Curriculum. Regents examinations are administered at the end of the year.


Exploring literature, grammar, and vocabulary to develop critical thinking and writing skills.


Understanding qualitative properties and numerical skills through relevant problem-solving situations.


Studying life on earth and our planet's changing systems, using the scientific method with modern applications.


Surveying major societal, political, and economic instances through primary sources and analysis.


Preparing students with the skills to pursue related careers and beome self-directed, resourceful adults.

Additional Courses

Broadening student perspectives through classes such as Health, Foreign Language, and Psychology.

Student Life

YDH High School offers a broad selection of in-school extracurricular activities and programming. These unique courses allow students to explore their passions and discover new interests.

Yeshiva League Basketball Team
Cocoa Club
Tomchei Shabbos
Friday Food for Thought
Rosh Chodesh Breakfast
Simchat Beit Hashoeva
Chanukah Chagiga

Purim Mesiba
Achdus Trips
School Newspaper
Honor Society
Principal’s Honor Roll
Honor Roll
New York State Scholarship for Academic Excellence

Individual Support

We ensure that our students receive the one-on-one attention and guidance they deserve. Throughout their years at Yeshiva Derech HaTorah High School, students can regularly meet with guidance counselors and Rabbeim for individualized direction. We provide our students with social guidance, college guidance, and Israel guidance.

Yeshiva Derech HaTorah High School
“Speak to the parents and the boys, look at their smiles. Heart to heart discussions - that’s what we like to encourage.”
Rabbi Dov Milstein, Menahel
“Your child will receive a warm, loving, top-tier education. That’s what we’re all about.”
Rabbi Rafael Farhi, Head of High School
Yeshiva Derech HaTorah High School